Day 3 – Stonehenge and Bath


Full of mystery and wonder, the 5000 year old stone circle of Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site. It is Europe’s biggest and most famous prehistoric site. Why was it built? Was it a place of sun worship, a healing sanctuary, a sacred burial site, an astronomical clock – or modern art of its day. Erected between 3,000 BC and 1,600 BC the stones were carried hundreds of miles over land and river.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire


Bath’s natural springs, which still gush hot water out of the ground (a rate of 1 million litres per day at 45 deg C), was what attracted the Romans to establish their baths some 2000 years ago. Walk among the complex and marvel at the engineering and refinement.   In the 1700’s, the city was remodelled as a playground for the rich and famous to enjoy the prosperity of Britain’s empire under the Georgian monarchs. The legacy of wide sidewalks and architectural triumphs in local stonework has earned Bath World Heritage Site status. See the elegant terraced rows, squares and crescents and visit the unique boutiques and shops. Visit the Pump Room, a beautiful neo-classical salon where hot spa water is drawn for drinking.  Regarded as the social heart of Bath for more than two centuries.  Also visit Bath Abbey to see the site of the first coronation service in 973.

Roman Baths, Bath

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