London buses

London’s iconic double-decker buses are a quick, convenient and cheap way to travel around the city, with plenty of sightseeing opportunities along the way.  You can’t pay bus fares with cash; so you must use an Oyster card (or contactless payment).  A single London bus fare costs £1.50.  You can make a second bus journey for free within one hour of touching in for your first bus.  Night buses run all night throughout the city – between the close of the Tube and the start of regular daytime bus services.

Children under the age of 11 travel free on buses and trams.  Buses only stop at designated bus stops – so just press the on-board bell to stop at the next stop.  You’ll see a ‘bus stopping’ light displayed at the front of the bus.   The driver will advise you too.

Tip: try out our favourite number 15 bus between Trafalgar Square and Tower Hill – using the iconic old ‘Routemaster’ buses.

For more information and tube maps see the Transport for London website:

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