Salisbury and Winchester


Salisbury is a medieval city dominated by the magnificent Salisbury Cathedral. This is one of the finest medieval Cathedral’s in England. The Cathedral, built in the 1200’s, is built in one single style called Early English Gothic architecture. It boasts the tallest church spire in Britain at 404 ft. Furthermore, in the Chapter House is the best preserved of the four original copies of the Magna Carta (sealed by King John in 1215).

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Salisbury, Bath and Stonehenge day trip


Winchester was the ancient capital of England during the reign of King Alfred the Great in the 900’s. The great Cathedral of today has a history stretching back to 1079 and is built in the Norman Romanesque style. It’s bishops were men of enormous wealth and power. The chantry chapels and memorials of these great prelates are a key feature of the Cathedral. Pilgrims sought the shrine of the saints; notably a former bishop, Saint Swithun. His festival on 15 July is said to set the pattern for the weather for the next forty days. A short walk away is the historic Winchester Castle, seat of the Knights of the Round Table – you can see the table in the castle’s Great Hall.

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Winchester Cathedral and Castle walking tour

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