Hidden treasures of the Cotswolds

This article gives a route to visit some of the hidden treasures of the Cotswolds, an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' of around 800 square miles in size and sixty miles to the north-west of London.  Once in the Cotswolds, the route will take you around five hours allowing for stops. Head up the M40 [...]

Covent Garden – London’s first residential square, a short history

Covent Garden is home to the world renowned Royal Opera House, the Royal Ballet and the London Transport museum – as well as some of the best shopping, food & drink and street entertainment in London! However, have you ever wondered how it started? This post is about the foundation of Covent Garden and, in [...]

The unmissable central London pub crawl – through the spectacular City of Westminster!

This pub crawl is in the heart of central London; the spectacular City of Westminster!  On this central London pub crawl you'll stroll through 1000 years of British history.  The royal centre that gave birth to the ‘model parliament’ in 1295 - still officially called the ‘Palace of Westminster’ (Houses of Parliament).  And the Benedictine [...]

5 must-see American historical sites in London

Here are five must-see American historical sites that you can visit in London today.  They are not in any order or category, but having said that, we should start from where the Mayflower set sail in the first place! 1 The Mayflower Pub Back in 1620, the Mayflower started its journey from here to the [...]

A Roman god returns, courtesy of Bloomberg!

Back from a visit to the reconstructed 'Temple of Mithras' in London - an original Roman temple from around 250 AD!  A blow away experience of sound, light and atmospheric effects.  Followers believed the god was responsible for the cosmos and male fertility - so a pretty important deity in Roman times!  Also on display [...]

Westminster Abbey evensong service

The west towers of Westminster Abbey were built in 1745 as an addition to the medieval Abbey. Here is where all British monarchs (except two) have been crowned since 1066. And it's the burial place of many too. You can visit most days but check the website. Tip: attend any weekday evensong service at 5pm [...]

The baptism of William Penn and marriage of John Quincy Adams

You cannot fail to be enthralled by All Hallows by the Tower. It is the oldest church in the City of London! It was founded by the Abbey of Barking in 675 AD – yes that’s 300 years before the Tower of London was built! It’s a fabulous church to participate in a traditional English [...]

Franklin’s printworks at Christmas!

  Advent, Christmas & Epiphany Services & Events 2018/2019.  Participate in a Christmas season service at St Bartholomew the Great in the City of London.  Not only, is it the oldest church in London (founded in 1123), but its the site of Benjamin Franklin's printworks - where he worked as a printer (during 1725) at a [...]