Dining in Georgian times, live!

Simpsons tavern

Dinner among the wealthy during Georgian times was an affair not to be missed. Not only the food, but the dress, entertainment and music too.

It was the heaviest and most complex meal of the day; that could take up to three hours to conclude.  Wine was common (that is until imports were curbed due to the French Revolutionary wars – and supplemented by gin).  Initially served at 5 pm, the timing moved later during the Regency period (1820’s).  And surprisingly, you sat wherever you wanted to; it was the Victorians who introduced the seating plan.

Today, in the City of London the Georgian dining experience is alive and well – and being practised by the Georgian Dining Academy!  Where you actually participate in this 250 year old experience.  Details are maintained on the website below.  (Venue: Simpson’s Tavern, Ball Court, 38 ½ Cornhill, London EC3V 9SR).

It’s an historic dining experience transporting guests to the Georgian period, an evening engaging in the frivolity, fun and fine dining within a historic chop house established in 1757.  Places are pre-booked with drinks including a three-course supper, entertainment and dashes of history of the City and the Georgians throughout the evening, with music, poetry and song.  The rooms are candlelit, so most atmospheric.  Simpson’s Tavern is usually only open during the day, so it’s an unusual experience in a very unique venue. Some of the guests will be in 18th century costume too.

A gin punch will welcome the guests, made from a secret recipe created by Miss Kitty Pridden – one of the hosts. The three course menu is pre-ordered and closely resembles a Georgian feast!  Dietary requirements are catered. Upon booking a menu with three choices for each course will be sent.

For more information please visit: The Georgian Dining Academy: http://www.georgiandiningacademy.com/

Or by direct application to georgiandining@gmail.com

Georgian ladies

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