London’s finest terraced house!

44 Berkeley Square

Number 44 Berkeley Square is what Nikolaus Pevsner, the architectural critic,  described as London’s finest terraced house.  Since then, the building has housed a famous casino and nightclub.

The house was the original location of John Aspinall’s ‘Clermont Club’ (est. 1962) and (at the same time) Mark Birley’s ‘Annabels’ – the famous basement nightclub named after his wife.   (Today, Annabel’s occupies the building two doors down (at number 46) and Aspinall’s Casino has moved to 27 Curzon Street).

The building was designed in 1742 for Lady Isabella Finch by William Kent, one of England’s most famous neo-classical (Palladian) architects.   Later it was purchased by Lord Clermont, who entertained royalty and show business here.   The house is famed for its theatrical staircase and large Grand Saloon, occupying the first and second floors.   Through the doors have entered royalty, aristocracy, actors and business leaders – all seeking the privacy and opportunities that go with power, money and privilege.

The Clermont Club was also gambling haunt of Lord ‘Lucky’ Lucan before he disappeared in 1972.   You can read more about this infamous man, by following the link below.

Guide to Belgravia – and its pubs! (Part 1)

Berkeley Square
Berkeley Square, with the number 44 left of centre

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  1. So,according to the remark above, its only the rich classes who desire privacy and opportunities,.. how ignorant can you be to believe that!?

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