The view from the Marble Arch Mound – but be quick!

The deputy leader of Westminster Council has resigned over the 25 metre high artificial hill and the council will dismantle it soon. It’s London’s lockdown-induced £6 million white elephant; the Marble Arch Mound – a ‘one-of-a-kind viewing experience’. But adverse publicity over the architect-designed temporary structure has forced the council to scrap the entrance fees immediately and dismantle the mound in January 2022.

Not a destination attraction, but worth the climb if you’re passing. If only to wonder who thought the views from the west end of Oxford Street would be so much in demand! The following pictures will help you decide.

Pre-booking no longer necessary.

Speakers Corner, Hyde Park and Park Lane
The west end of Oxford Street
Edgware Road. One exception is the view of the former location of the infamous Tyburn gallows – represented by the three small trees (left of centre)
Park Lane and Marble Arch underground station
Marble Arch – moved from its original home outside Buckingham Palace in 1850

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