The world’s first long distance railway

Euston Station in London is the terminus of the world’s first long distance inter-city railway. Completed in 1837, the station was the most southern point of the London and Birmingham Railway line. The line was the brainchild of railway pioneers George and Robert Stephenson and the station was designed by the renowned Philip Hardwick. The railway was an enormous success in this new age of high speed transportation and the station was a monumental edifice of Classical Greek architecture, reassuring customers’ of this safe and solid mode of transport. Sadly, and to great criticism, the entire station was demolished in the 1960’s and replaced with today’s functional, but unremarkable, slab of concrete. All that remains of the original station are these modest station buildings at the front, once used as ticket offices. If you look carefully you’ll see some of the many far-flung destinations enabled by this age of steam!

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