Hatton Garden – London’s diamond district

Every shop on the main thoroughfare of Hatton Garden is involved in the jewellery business. That’s around 200 outlets selling gold, silver and diamond adornments. Private security guards linger on street corners, awake to the threat of heists or hold-ups. But passing among them are couples who come here to shop, liking the choice and opportunity to negotiate a little on the ticket price.

Named after Queen Elizabeth I’s chancellor, Sir Christopher Hatton, the area was home to subsequent Bishops of Ely (Cambridge) – and their London digs when visiting the monarch. The jewellery business didn’t spring up until early in C19.

Where is Hatton Garden? Click to see map

St Andrew’s Holborn
St Andrew’s Holborn, with characters recalling the blue coat charity school once located near here
Equestrian statue of Prince Albert, welcoming travellers to Westminster (opposite the head office of Sainsbury’s)
Hatton Garden
Alleyway entrance to Ye Olde Mitre – probably London’s hardest to find pub!
Ye Olde Mitre. An ale house for servants of the bishops
Ye Olde Mitre
The Hatton Garden Safe Deposit company. Providing secure overnight storage to local businesses. But dramatically raided in 2015 by burglars in their twilight years to the tune of £14 million. Watch the excellent film ‘King of Thieves’!
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