El Rastro, Madrid

On Sundays and bank holidays, Madrid’s famous flea market kicks off at 8am, lasting until around 2pm – stretching one kilometre down Calle Ribera de Curtidores. Owing to its location near a former slaughterhouse, ‘El Rastro’ derives its name from the entrails and blood of the slaughtered livestock.

During and after the market, there are many bars and restaurants to meet-up and socialise, centred around the Plaza de Cascorro.

Bridie’s tip: start your visit to the market from its lower end (Puerta de Toledo) and walk-up Calle Ribera de Curtidores to its starting point at the plaza – that way you’ll beat the crowds to the used-clothing ‘dive pits’ at the south end of the street.

L’Adore is a popular atmospheric cafe/bistrot on Plaza de Cascorro
Plaza de Cascorro
Cafe des Sports is an homage to the much-loved French cyclist Raymond Poulidor
Cafe El Parnaso is an all-week late-opening (2.30am) cocktail bar and restaurant on Plz. Cascorro

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