Hidden treasures of the Cotswolds

This article gives a route to visit some of the hidden treasures of the Cotswolds, an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' of around 800 square miles in size and sixty miles to the north-west of London.  Once in the Cotswolds, the route will take you around five hours allowing for stops. Head up the M40 [...]

Guide to Belgravia – and its pubs! (Part 2)

In the previous post we gave an overview of this historical area.  We continue in this post - and take in the next four pubs! Foreign embassy capital Belgrave Square is home to around twenty foreign embassies; among them Norway, Spain, Germany, Austria, Brunei, Portugal, Bahrain, Turkey, Argentina, Mexico and the Ivory Coast.  In the [...]

The site of London’s Roman Forum!

Discover the site of London's Roman Forum - and the secrets of the Victorian Leadenhall Market today!   Designed and created by Sir Horace Jones in 1881, Leadenhall Market is one of the three markets he built for the City of London.  It was built on the site of the Roman Basilica and Forum (some ruins [...]

Dining in Georgian times, live!

Dinner among the wealthy during Georgian times was an affair not to be missed! Not only the food, but the dress, entertainment and music too. It was the heaviest and most complex meal of the day; that could take up to three hours to conclude.  Wine was common (that is until imports were curbed due [...]

3 American bars in London you won’t want to miss!

American Bar at the Savoy Hotel We’ll start with arguably the most famous of the American bars in London. And one of the earliest to sell ‘American-style’ cocktails to the British public. As you enter the front reception lounge, turn left and head upstairs to the bar. It’s been frequented by all the great and [...]

5 experiences Londoners keep to themselves!

Here are 5 experiences that take you away from fellow tourists – giving you the London vibe that locals seek. We’ve chosen places that are all located in central London – so easy to reach and not requiring any special travel arrangements. 1 Friday late at the V&A On the first Friday of each month, [...]

M&M’s World and the LEGO Store in London – payback time for the kids!

Granted, this website is about 'cultural and historical' sights - but I think the occasional exception is okay - particularly for the sake of family harmony!  Last weekend I took my gorgeous nieces to two of London's most professional temples to consumerism.  That's M&M's World and the LEGO Store. Both are situated on the north [...]

Covent Garden – London’s first residential square, a short history

Covent Garden is home to the world renowned Royal Opera House, the Royal Ballet and the London Transport museum – as well as some of the best shopping, food & drink and street entertainment in London! However, have you ever wondered how it started? This post is about the foundation of Covent Garden and, in [...]

The unmissable central London pub crawl – through the spectacular City of Westminster!

This pub crawl is in the heart of central London; the spectacular City of Westminster!  On this central London pub crawl you'll stroll through 1000 years of British history.  The royal centre that gave birth to the ‘model parliament’ in 1295 - still officially called the ‘Palace of Westminster’ (Houses of Parliament).  And the Benedictine [...]

Enjoy gardens? Visit a seventeenth century secret garden in London

Stroll around a seventeenth apothecary’s garden, followed by afternoon tea at the café.  The Chelsea Physic Garden is a micro climate tucked away in Chelsea.  It is the oldest in England (after Oxford) and is open to the public (closed Nov-Jan).  If you’re near the King’s Road, take a cab for the 5 minute journey [...]