M&M’s World and the LEGO Store in London

Granted, this website is about ‘cultural and historical’ sights – but I think the occasional exception is okay – particularly for the sake of family harmony!  Last weekend I took my gorgeous nieces to two of London’s most professional temples to consumerism.  That’s M&M’s World and the LEGO Store.

Both are situated on the north west corner of Leicester Square – and lucky for us, only 25 metres from each other.   I was astounded how Mars had taken the M&M and created 4 floors of chocolate, character and retail heaven for children.  You’ll be immersed in choosing M&M’s from Europe’s largest ‘chocolate wall’.  My youngest niece was straight with the programme.

30 minutes later, over to the LEGO Store.  Here, there are some fabulous models of London scenes – topped off by a 20 ft high model of the Elizabeth Clock Tower (‘Big Ben’).  And as you’d expect, there is the full range of LEGO bricks and models –  the highlight being a set piece Stars Wars model for £650, for the adult kids.   Plus a really nice photo shoot as you enter the store.  Verdict: job done!

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