The Big City at Guildhall Art Gallery

Running until 30 July, ‘The Big City’ is a special exhibition exploring three themes of life in the City through large artworks. Grand Occasions portrays the City’s celebrations, Colossal Landscapes exhibits super-wide views of the City and Larger than Life focuses on everyday scenes of London. The exhibition celebrates the artists, past and present, who paint London on a huge scale.

The Guildhall Art Gallery showcases the art collection of the City of London Corporation, the local authority of London’s financial district, better known as the ‘square mile’. In addition to special exhibitions there is an extensive collection of internationally renowned paintings, particularly in the area of Victorian art.

Guildhall Art Gallery
Guildhall Art Gallery, entrance

Here are some of the works in the exhibition:

Grand Occasions
Terrence Cuneo, 1953
Andrew Carrick Gow, 1899
Unknown, 1930s
John Bartlett, 1995
David Hepher, 1994
David R. Thomas, 1968
David Hepher, 1994

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