Where the Normans landed in 1066!

In September 1066, Duke William II of Normandy landed a French force at Pevensey, intent on taking the English throne from King Harold II.  Two weeks later, the English forces were defeated at the Battle of Hastings.  And in December 1066, William II was crowned in Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day - so called William [...]

The unmissable central London pub crawl – through the spectacular City of Westminster!

This pub crawl is in the heart of central London; the spectacular City of Westminster!  On this central London pub crawl you'll stroll through 1000 years of British history.  The royal centre that gave birth to the ‘model parliament’ in 1295 - still officially called the ‘Palace of Westminster’ (Houses of Parliament).  And the Benedictine [...]

The City of London Guildhall – the grandmother of all parliaments!

That’s what Margaret Thatcher called the City of London Guildhall - in comparison to the United Kingdom's national parliament; itself often called the mother of all parliaments. Near Gresham Street in the City of London (the City), the Guildhall has been the centre of municipal government in the City since medieval times. In fact, it [...]

Westminster Abbey evensong service

The west towers of Westminster Abbey were built in 1745 as an addition to the medieval Abbey. Here is where all British monarchs (except two) have been crowned since 1066. And it's the burial place of many too. You can visit most days but check the website. Tip: attend any weekday evensong service at 5pm [...]

The baptism of William Penn and marriage of John Quincy Adams

You cannot fail to be enthralled by All Hallows by the Tower. It is the oldest church in the City of London! It was founded by the Abbey of Barking in 675 AD – yes that’s 300 years before the Tower of London was built! It’s a fabulous church to participate in a traditional English [...]

Franklin’s printworks at Christmas!

  Advent, Christmas & Epiphany Services & Events 2018/2019.  Participate in a Christmas season service at St Bartholomew the Great in the City of London.  Not only, is it the oldest church in London (founded in 1123), but its the site of Benjamin Franklin's printworks - where he worked as a printer (during 1725) at a [...]