The must-see exhibits at the British Museum (Part 1)

In Bloomsbury, London is the world’s finest collection of historical artefacts under one roof - and even the roof is a world-class masterpiece!    This article will highlight the must-see exhibits at the British Museum.    If you only have time to visit one museum or gallery, you need look no further! The British Museum [...]

London’s second ‘City’ – Canary Wharf in Docklands

Canary Wharf is the name of the second financial district for London.   It is situated about three miles to the east of the ‘City of London’ in the former London Docklands.   The addition of Canary Wharf was to provide additional capacity for the ‘City’ – a top-ten world economy, if it were a country in [...]

HMS Belfast – a Royal Navy cruiser in the ‘Pool of London’

Continuing the naval theme of the previous post on the Mary Rose, here is something far more recent!   A time capsule from World War II and a reminder of the debt we owe to servicemen - as well as a great adventure for kids.  Being in central London and with elevated views over the City [...]

Red House – The Arts and Crafts home of William Morris

William Morris was an influential designer and one of the leaders of the Arts and Crafts movement - that started in Britain before becoming a world-wide phenomenon.  This is the house where the movement started!   'Arts and Crafts' rejected plain mass produced household furniture and fittings in favour of ambitious, creative and bespoke designs [...]

The world’s best museum of public transportation!

In Covent Garden, is the world's best museum of public transportation.   This is the London Transport Museum.  We can be sure of this, because London holds a series of world firsts; the first underwater tunnel for mass-transit purposes in 1840, the earliest underground railway in 1863, the earliest electrified underground line in 1890 and the [...]

Ride on London’s abandoned underground post office railway

We took a trip on the historic ‘Mail Rail’; London's underground post office railway that runs west to east through the centre of London. The carriages fit two people in each one – bit of a squeeze for my brother and me, but great fun! It’s an immersive experience that takes you back nearly 100 [...]